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Insert Installation & Tubeless Set-Up Service

Insert Installation & Tubeless Set-Up Service

Rimpact now offers an Installation Service for its products! If you add the products you wish to have installed to your basket, along with this product option, we will expertly install everything so you don't have to. The completed Wheel or Wheelset can then be collected or shipped to you, ready to ride. This service is available to UK customers only.


We also offer a Tubeless Set-Up and Insert fitting service for your existing wheels if you do not need to purchase new ones. If you want us to install inserts in your existing set up, add this product to basket and check out, we will contact you to arrange a date and time to come by our unit. Please bring your wheels and parts in a clean state.


Tubeless Tape and Sealant is included in the installation price so if you purchase Tape and Sealant with your order, we will ship these unopened to you or provide them at collection.


Once purchased: 

If you select 'Delivery':

  • We will contact you to notify you of the completion of the set-up and shipping of the Wheel(s). If there are any compatibility issues, we will contact you before proceeding.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days set up time before shipping. If you require the items faster for any reason, please let us know ASAP so we can see if we can complete quicker, for example, skipping the 24hr pressure/leak checks. 

If you select 'Collection':

  • We will contact you to arrange a collection date and time. 
  • Please expect a 3-5 business day lead time before collection can take place to allow us to install and quality check the Tubeless Seal.
  • We can only facilitate weekday collections between 9 and 5.
  • If you are supplying your own Wheel(s), Tyres, Inserts etc, we will need you to drop them off to us and organise a collection date and time at least 3 business days after drop off, which we can discuss when we contact you. 

If you select 'Collection and Installation Whilst I Wait':

  • This product option is for customers who own the parts already, such as wheels, tyres or inserts and are looking to bring them to us, purchase any additions they need and have the products installed whilst they wait. 
  • The service will need to be booked in with us, we will contact you to agree a slot.
  • Should any parts you supply be found to need replacing before we can complete the service, you will be contacted and quoted ahead of time to ensure the new price is approved. 


Disclaimer: Rimpact will install tubeless tape, assuming it is needed, seat and inflate a tyre with some sealant and check its pressure over a period of 24hrs to ensure a good seal is achieved. We will then install the Insert and repeat the process to increase the chances that the set up will be trouble free before it is shipped to you. Despite this, there is always a chance that once the wheels arrive with you, the tyre has lost pressure and the tyre has unseated. In almost all cases this will not happen or require a simple reinflation to fix, however, there might be instances where the tubeless set up does not hold air once you receive it or the tyre does not seat due to lack of appropriate air flow. Rimpact cannot take responsibility for product set up once it has left our facility although we will strive to help you resolve the problem as best we can. This does not affect the warranty on the goods nor any statutory rights. 

  • Returns and Warranty Policy

    Returns Policy:

    There can be no returns accepted on goods purchased through the Installation and Set up Service as once purchsed, the customer agrees to the products being removed from packaging and installed into the system, turning them into 'Used' items. The 'Used' item status voids eligibility for the returns policy that is listed on the product page for each item on this website. This does not effect the warranty on the goods purchased. 

  • Workmanship Guarantee

    If you are unsatisified with the workmanship proved by Rimpact Components LTD you may request a return to us so that we may rework the set up to meet the standards advertised. These goods are sold under the understanding that Tubeless Set Up can be temperamental and a perfect seal may not be achievable or sustainable in all cases. If this standard cannot be met, a refund will be considered at the discresion of Rimpact Components LTD.


    If the customer supplies the components for purposes of this set up and installation, they are agreeing that the components provided will be worked upon which can result in damages associated to installation such as but not limited to: dirt, wear marks, light scrapes and scratches from tools, sealant stains etc. It may also be found that the supplied products are not in good condition and appropriate for the safe set up. Should this be the case, Rimpact will notify the customer and offer an alternative product to be purchased in order to complete the work agreed.

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