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Rimpact EDH Single Tyre Insert

Rimpact EDH Single Tyre Insert

Rimpact EDH Tyre Insert - For Downhill or Ebike Applications


Contents Per Pack:


1x EDH Tyre Insert

1x 44mm, 55mm Rimpact Insert Compatible Valve or a set of Peaty’s Valves (not available as a single valve currently).

2x Vinyl Rim Decal Sheets



60mm Wide

8mm Pro layer

Compatible with 2.4” – 2.8” tyres

Compatible with 30mm – 40mm rims

Optimised around 35mm rims and 2.5” tyres (narrower set ups will be much harder to install)

180g in 29” and 170g in 27.5”


Rimpact EDH is Rimpact's new most protective insert. Designed to deliver unparalleled protection and performance on the toughest terrain, the EDH is the perfect upgrade for riders who demand the best.


Like our Pro insert, the EDH utilises a dual density design with a dense protection shell that helps dissipate extreme forces in combination with our classic Original foam that cuts vibration. Crafted from high-quality closed cell foam, the Rimpact EDH is engineered for maximum durability and resilience. Its unique design provides unbeatable impact absorption, reducing the risk of tyre damage and giving you the confidence to tackle any line with confidence.


But the EDH isn't just about protection – it also delivers unrivalled support, vibration damping and run flat performance. Its optimized shape enhances traction and stability, giving you the grip and control you need with heavier Ebike chassis and higher speed DH runs.


Rimpact Inserts must be used in conjunction with an insert compatible valve.


Optimised for 2.5” tyres and 35mm internal rims. Compatible with narrower set ups but fitting difficulty increases dramatically for smaller sizes. Unless adept as insert installation, the Pro V2 will be a more appropriate option for 2.4” and 30mm rims.


Use about 25% more sealant than recommended on the bottle to ensure the extra surface area of the insert is coated with plenty of fluid to spare. Our inserts are closed cell and cannot absorb liquid however some sealant will cling to the outside of the insert requiring a slightly higher dosage. It can be injected through Rimpact Valves but is best poured directly into the tyre.


Please follow installation instructions prior to fitting/removing. There is a QR scan code on the packaging that will link you to the installation page of this website.


Disclaimer: It is not advised to run air pressures outside that of the tyre manufacturers recommendations. Failure to do so may result in injury or the premature failure of the bicycle. Rimpact does not accept any responsibility for misuse of the Rimpact Insert or improper installation. Rimpact Inserts are designed to work WITH Rimpact Insert Compatible Valves.


Not included: Tyres, Wheelset

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